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German Plein Airs

Dear Plein Air Friends,
the German car, that is the last on your homepage from the Hamburg-Berlin Rallye 2008, tab 'Who owns this Plein Air?'
belongs to the German “Team Garage du Midi“ (D. und C. M.)
in D-45529 Hattingen/Ruhr.
Please ask the owner for further information: 'e-mail address confidential'
In the earlier days I owned two of the beloved Plein Air Torpedos, pictures are enclosed (can be added to the site).
The first is a press photo for Belinda stockings taken in 1972 published in a campaign all over Germany:
(picture: Renault 4 Plein Air Bellinda 3.JPG)
The private photos were taken
- in 1978 on the Isle of Jersey, published in the German magazine auto, motor und sport
Renault 4 Plein Air HPL 4a.JPG
- in 1985 in Siegburg near Bonn/GE
Siegburg 85_08a.JPG
Some ten cars were reproduced in the Garage of Renault Uckermann in Cologne/GE starting 1983
using my Plein Air as a Master Copy. What I heard was, that they used some brandnew cars and took all remaining Plein Air specific spare parts from stock. Not producing the original Sinpar version they called their remake "Plaisir".

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Sinpar Plein Air no. 330

Who can tell me who owns Sinpar Plein-Air no. 330, featuring in 4L Magazine no. 2 of July-August 2007?

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Plein Air no. 563

Bonjour a tous,
Bonne nouvelle: On a trouvé plein air no. 563 en France!
Voir photos a

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4L 50 ans

Check out this:

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Plein Air at Montreal Floralies

This picture was taken at Montreal's Floralies of 1980.

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Plein Airs for sale

Looking for a plein air? Check out these:

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Hi, congratulations for this nice initiative and web site. I wish there were more like it! Where are all the PA-owners?

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Looking for a PleinAir to buy

Hi, I live in UK, I am looking to buy a Plein Air in any condition, preferably RHS UK model but will consider any