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02/05/2021 Plein-Air 396 sold on Catawiki

01/02/2013 Link to featuring Renault 4 Torpedo Sinpar Plein-Air

29/01/2013 Article in French 4L Magazine, no.29, about the restoration of Plein Air no. 232 

23/01/2013 Pictures and article from 1968 Renault Magazine, no.67: 'Vedettes en Plein Air'

23/01/2013 Picture of the original Sinpar Torpedo Prototype on show on the 1968 Salon de Paris

04/07/2012 Article in Canadian Le Journal de l' Auto of May 2004

04/07/2012 You Tube movie

04/07/2012 You Tube movie featuring a 'flock' of 1968 plein airs

09/02/2012 You Tube movie featuring Saint Nicolas in a Plein Air, December 1968

10/11/2011 Article in French 4L Magazine featuring Le Star 'Plein Air' no. 254

05/10/2011 Plein Air 1:8 scale model for sale in Renault Boutique

29/09/2011 Press photo 'L’Atelier Renault prolonge l'ete'

08/06/2011 Copy of road/ beach test in French magazine L'Automobile 267, July/August 1968

08/06/2011 On-line publication of 18 pictures of Germany's most famous plein air

08/06/2011 50th anniversary You tube movie, featuring Sinpar no. 509

31/05/2011 Two pictures from the collection of the French Sinpar Association

20/05/2011 50th anniversary You Tube video, featuring Sinpar no. 434 (again) 

19/05/2011 Press photo from a 1972 German Belinda Stockings ad campaign featuring a plein air

19/05/2011 Article of unknown source about the history of the Plein Air 

12/05/2011 You tube movie featuring Sinpar no. 434

09/03/2011 Article in Japanese Hobidas Magazine Tipo featuring Sinpar no. 350

18/01/2011 Article in Japanese R4 enthusiast club magazine featuring a Japanese Plein Air

10/01/2011 A link to a web page dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the R4, including a Renault H&C press kit

28/12/2010 Pdf copy of Plein Air specific pages of Manual PR 808, 6th edition

17/12/2010 Article German online news service

15/12/2010 Announcement in online Autojournal of 6 Dec. 2010 of Salon Retromobile 2011 featuring Plein Air no. 509

22/11/2010 Publication of 'Generations 4L', a French picture book to celebrate R4's 50th birthday

22/11/2010 Link to and pdf copy of the 14 August 1969 issue of l'Autojournal: road test of Plein-Air, Mehari and Fiat Jungla

12/11/2010 Picture of a 1968 promotional postcard

27/10/2010 Article in German Magazine Oldtimer Markt featuring Sinpar no. 529 NOW IN COLOR

27/10/2010 Publication of a French picture book featuring Plein Air Sinpar no. 509

27/10/2010 Announcement of the 3rd 4L International Meeting at Thenay (41), France to take place on 15, 16 & 17 July 2011 to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Renault 4L

25/10/2010 Picture of the Montreal 'Floralies' site, taken in 1980 featuring a Plein Air

22/09/2010 Picture of the Terre des Hommes Plein Air owned by the City of Montreal

06/09/2010 You tube movie featuring Jane Birkin driving a Plein-Air in Paris

Plein-Air sold on Catawiki

This Plein-Air, Sinpar No. 396, sold on Catawiki on 9 September 2021 for EUR 14,200. It seems to be complete and needs a full restauration. It concerns a 120 series, found in Spain and originally registered in Germany in 1969.The  new owner is kindly requested to register the car. That would be no. 61 in the Official Plein-Air Register!


Plein Air on

Mike Gulett's daily post about all sorts of super cars one would like to own, today, Friday 1 Feb. 2013, features the Renault 4 Torpedo Sinpar Plein-Air! Check out

Mike also publishes e-books and paper books on cars on

Article in French 4L Magazine no. 29 about Sinpar no. 232

An interesting article about the restoration of Sinpar Plein Air no. 232, registered in this site's Plein Air Register as # 41!

Also see

Vedettes en Plein Air 1968

Our friend Hanz sends us these yet unknown Plein Air pictures taken from Renault Magazine 1968, no. 67. The pictures feature famous French 'vedettes' like Eddie Constantine, Daniel Gelin and Robert Lamoureux in new Plein Airs! Pictures are taken at the 'Reserve Africaine' in Thoiry (78) France, which had its public opening in 1968.


Sinpar 4 door convertible prototype

This is a picture of the Sinpar 4 door convertible prototype as presented on the 1968 Salon de Paris. The picture shows the same car 45 years later after a full restoration. The car is owned by the DeMeester family, who in the past were in charge of Sinpar.

The second picture shows the car at Salon de Paris in 1968.

Article in Canadian Le Journal de l' Auto, May 2004

Article in Canadian Le Jopurnal del' Auto of May 2004 about the restoration of Plein Air no. 426


1968 plein air promotional movie on You Tube

Courtesy of Boerammetje

1968 plein air promotional movie on You Tube

Courtesy of Boerammetje, the 'Remarkable'

Original 1968 family movie featuring Saint Nicolas in a plein air

Our friend C. Meier has sent us this movie featuring all 1968 Renault models available in Holland at the occassion of the arrival of Saint Nicolas. It shows a plein air registered in the Netherlands (12-15-JD) which was owned by Renault Nederland. The movie is shot in December 1968 by Renault dealer ship Verstraaten. This is the same car featured in many of the Plein Air press photos and news articles. As far as we know the car and the registration no longer exist. Unique plein air footage!

Le Star 'Plein Air'

An article in issue 2011, 24 of French 4L Magazine, featuring Plein Air no 254 and our friend and 4L legend Boerammetje,


Plein Air 1:8 scale model

Renault Germany is offering a 1:8 Plein Air scale model through its online Renault Boutique. Check out

Note that the picture is not a picture of the actual model but a picture of Sinpar no. 509.

L’Atelier Renault prolonge la belle saison au 53 Champs Elysées

Two press photos to promote L’Atelier Renault at 53 Champs Elysées, Paris. Two pictures featuring Plein Air Sinpar no 509 added to Gallery/press photos



...Evasions estivales avec Renault Wind avec son concept unique de toit pivotant électrique en 12 secondes présenté également dans sa version Gordini et Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet Floride, la série limitée la plus glamour de la gamme, font souffler un vent de liberté sur les Champs-Elysées…

L’occasion rêvée de faire découvrir au grand public la 4L plein air, clin d’œil à l’insouciante légèreté des années soixante et aux 50 ans de la voiture française la plus vendue dans le monde....

A 1968 beach car test in French magazine L'Automobile

A copy of this article was kindly put on line by French FIAT enthusiasts. The article contains a road and beach test of a number of beach cars available in 1968, amoung which a Plein Air and a FIAT. A copy can be downloaded from this site under the tab Plein Air history, beach car competitors.

Online article on City of Köln news site

On-line publication of some 18 pictures of a nice orange Plein Air. The car in the pictures is the most famous Plein Air of Germany and owned by Michael Staack. See

Thanks to our friend Jeffrey who alerted us to the publication.

50th Anniversary You tube movie featuring Sinpar no. 509

50th anniversary You tube video featuring Sinpar no. 509 and many other R4's.

Plein Airs at the Sinpar production site in Verneuil s/ Avre

This picture was sent to us by our friend Marc. The picture was taken in 1968 and is part of the collection of the French Sinpar Association (, that is dedictaed to preserving Sinpar's history and all Sinpar products. As per the confirmation of Mr. Olivier Weyl, contact person of the Sinpar Register, it shows a number of Plein Airs at the Sinpar production site at Verneuil sur Avre. Note that the convertible top was available in two different colors (black and grey). The canvas 'doors' were optional. Also note the Renault 4 pick-up in the backgound, apparently an other Sinpar R4 conversion. 

And another picture from the collection of the Sinpar Association, also taken in 1968.

50th anniversary video

You Tube video re R4 50th anniversary, featuring Plein Air 434 and many other R4's

Belinda campaign press photo

Our friend Hans-Peter has sent us the attached press photo for Belinda stockings taken in 1972 published in a 1972 ad campaign all over Germany, featuring Hans-Peter's former plein air. A great addition to the site!


Plein Air history in German

Our friend Hans-Peter has sent us a German article re the Plein Air history. A copy is available upon request to

Plein Air Sinpar no. 434 featuring in a Dutch R4 50th anniversary meeting movie

A You Tube movie with images of and from Renault 4 Plein Air Simpar no. 434 'La Canadienne' in the company of many other R4's.

Article Japanese Hobidas Car Magazine Tipo

An articles in Japanese Hobidas Car Magazine Tipo, issue 2011/4 featuring Plein Air Sinpar no. 350, registered as # 19 and owned by our friend Jun.


Japanese Antique Quatre Magazine

An article of unknown date, featuring one of alledgedly 2 plein airs in Japan. The first Japanese Plein Air (sinpar no. 350) was registered in this site's Official Plein Air Register on 18 January 2011.


Check-out this web site and download the Renault H&C press kit via the link below



Renault 4 Parts Manual PR 808, 6th edition, Plein-Air specific pages

This document complements MR Plein Air (see above) and gives details of Plein-Air specific parts. Pdf copies of pages 81.19, 82.75, 84.65-67. Download via link below.


Plein Air in German online news service 09/12/2010

The article pictures a pretty orange Plein Air and dito young ladies, while describing a part of the history of Renaults Cabriolet


Rétromobile 2011, les 50 ans de la 4L

L'édition 2011 du salon Rétromobile sera l'occasion de fêter le cinquantième anniversaire de la Renault 4L.


Lors du salon Rétromobile, Renault présentera une quinzaine d'exemplaires exceptionnels de 4L sur son stand de 700 m². Au menu, les versions "Gendarmerie", "La Poste", "Darty", "Routes du monde", "Paris-Dakar" de 1980, "Terre de feu/Alaska", "East African Safari" de 1962, sans oublier une "Miss Sixty", en clin d'œil à la récente Twingo Miss Sixty, dont les codes du design sont repris sur une 4L.

Pour mémoire, la Française a été produite de 1961 à 1992 à plus de 8 millions d'exemplaires.

Cette baroudeuse populaire a été la première voiture à vocation mondiale de Renault, avec 28 pays de production et plus de 100 pays de commercialisation.


La 4L est la troisième voiture la plus vendue de l'histoire de l'automobile après la Volkswagen Coccinelle et la Ford T.

Le salon ouvrira ses portes du 2 au 6 février prochain au Parc des Expositions de la porte de Versailles, à Paris.

Photo: 4L Plein Air


Generations 4L


128 pages, format 27cm x 24cm

Voilà près de cinquante ans que l’on en voit sur les routes et pourtant elle ne fait pas son demi siècle. Cinquante ans qu’elle transporte, véhicule, charrie, des hommes, des femmes et des enfants. Cinquante années durant lesquelles elle aura servi l’armée, la poste, les électriciens d’EDF et même les pompiers. Cinquante ans de labeurs aux mains des artisans et paysans, cinquante ans de plus ou moins bons traitements aux bons soins d’étudiants désargentés…

Cinquante ans et pas une ride ! Au point même qu’on la croirait toujours en production. Un must qui aura su conquérir le cœur de tous les automobilistes. Venez faire un tour en 4L, ou plutôt dans les 4L des cinquante personnages illustres inconnus ou célébrités illustrant cet ouvrage. Cinquante ans et cinquante portraits pour découvrir l’une des voitures françaises qui aura le plus marqué l’histoire de l’automobile du 20e siècle.


The book feautures Plein-Air no. 509

l'Autojournal of 14 August 1969

Voiture de Week-end de Demain?
Voiture de Week-end de Demain?


Many thanks to Francois who put this article online.

You may also download the article as pdf by clicking on the document link below


Carte Postale 'Plein-Air' 1968

From our friend Christian Perez we received a copy of front and back of a 1968 promotional post card with the following information:

GRANDE CARTE POSTALE 21X10cm qui a été postée le 19 02 1968 adressé à un concessionnaire automobile. Il s'agit d'une publicité de RENAULT Cette carte est intitulée Carrosserie "Plein air" SINPAR sur renault 4 "Grande societé" 2 ou 4 roues motrices. Il s'agit d'une pub d'époque pour la 4l cabriolet ou découvrable, la même que celle de TANGUY ou LAVERDURE dans les chevaliers du ciel.Le texte est imprimé:"Au soleil Au grand air Image de l'évasion! avec la voiture "Schuss"


Sinpar no. 529?

Our friend Remko Kort sent us a copy of the attached article in the March 2008 issue of German Magazine Oldtimer Markt.
The picture of the Sinpar tag on the first page indeed suggests that at least 529 R1123's were converted to plein airs, but the diamond and oval shaped Renault tags are missing. The article does not confirm that the car in the pictures is indeed no. 529.
Who knows this car and/or the owner?

Thanks to our German friend Hans-Peter we now have a color copy of the article available upon request.


Renault 4, un losange à toute épreuve

Thibaut Amant and others made this book in light of the 50th birthday of the Reanult 4L in 2011. The book features (amongst others) R4 Plein Air Sinpar no. 509, registered in our Plein Air Register under no. 004.

See also

3rd 4L International Meeting, Thenay (41), France, 15-17 July '11

This meeting is organized by 4L Magazine and Renault Histoire & Collection to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Renault 4L. We would encourage in particular all Plein Air owners to travel to Thenay, preferably with their car and meet soul mates who are so lucky as to own a Plein Air and other Plein Air enthusiasts and 'amateurs'. Please use the Plein Air Forum to announce your participation and probe the interest of others.


A Plein Air at the Montreal 'Floralies' exhibition site

Picture taken in 1980, kindly provided by our friend Andre. Spot the Plein Air in the mid right of the picture.

Thanks to our friend Filipe from Portugal for this movie featuring Jane Birkin (and some bloke) driving in Paris in a Plein-Air (1969, 'Slogan')

Two merry men in a Plein-Air

Renault 4 Plein-Air Brochure France 1968

A 4 page pdf copy of this brochure is available for contributors to the Plein Air Forum upon request to 

Renault 4 Plein-Air Notice Conduite & Entretien

This is the official Renault 4 Plein-Air operation manual, issued with every Sinpar Plein Air. It is currently an extremely rare document, even more so than the car itself. An 8 pages pdf copy will be made available to each owner registering his or her Plein-Air in the Plein Air Register of this website.

Article Lui Magazine no 56 Aug/Sep 1968

Jeep! Jeep! Jeep! Hourra! An article celebrating the beauty of beach cars!


Article Autovisie no. 28, 11 July 1969

Autovisie Road Test of Plein Air and Mehari. And the winner is....



Article Losange Magazine 27 March 2010

Article in Dutch Losange Magazine, 27 March 2010 about a Plein Air produced by Renault and Sinpar in France, exported to Canada in 1968, registered in Canada in 1970 and brought home to France again in 2009. After 40 years, the car is in mint condition.


Plein Air Brochure Germany 1969

This brochure includes a letter dated 18 March 1969 from Renault Germany confirming that the Plein Air is only available in color 322 white. Certain sources claim that later on German Plein Airs were also available in yellow and green.


Manuel Reparation Renault 4 "Plein Air"

This 21 pages manual of September 1968 was also provided with the Plein Air kits offered by Renault after discontinuation of the Sinpar Plein Air production. It contains an overview of specific plein air parts and a step by step conversion instruction. The manual was later integrated in the general R4 manuals. A pdf copy is available for all visitors to the website


Renault 4 Costero

Spanish language Mexican Brochure for the Plein Air, the Renault 4 Costero

Autovisie June 1970

Dutch car magazine Autovisie featured a Dutch registered Plein Air on the cover page of its June 1970 issue, to promote a photo contest. The Plein Air picture is one of the plein air press photos. 


Monvolant Cyberpresse 2 Online articles: Restoration of a Renault Terre des Hommes

The publication features two Canadian Plein Air enthusiast who have restored one of the 20 (40?) Terre des Hommes Plein Airs exported to Canada in 1968 for the Terre des Hommes World Exhibition in Montreal.


This Plein Air is currently owned by the City of Montreal, which had it restored as part of the Terre des Hommes heritage. The picture shows the car in 1996 before restoration. 


4L Magazine no. 2 July-August 2007

Article in the second issue of in 2007 introduced French 4L Magazine featuring a 1969 Plein Air, Sinpar no. 330, and... Sophie!

Losange Magazine, no 11, Autumn 2009

An article in Dutch Renault dedicated Losange Magazine, featuring a Dutch registered 1968 Plein Air, Sinpar no. 254.

Still available via


Sinpar Brochure

Sinpar Brochure, featuring 4x4 versions of the Renault 4 Cabriolet, Torpedo and Pick-up. All cars extremely rare today.