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01/02/2013 Link to featuring Renault 4 Torpedo Sinpar Plein-Air

29/01/2013 Article in French 4L Magazine, no.29, about the restoration of Plein Air no. 232 

23/01/2013 Pictures and article from 1968 Renault Magazine, no.67: 'Vedettes en Plein Air'

23/01/2013 Picture of the original Sinpar Torpedo Prototype on show on the 1968 Salon de Paris

04/07/2012 Article in Canadian Le Journal de l' Auto of May 2004

04/07/2012 You Tube movie

04/07/2012 You Tube movie featuring a 'flock' of 1968 plein airs

09/02/2012 You Tube movie featuring Saint Nicolas in a Plein Air, December 1968

10/11/2011 Article in French 4L Magazine featuring Le Star 'Plein Air' no. 254

05/10/2011 Plein Air 1:8 scale model for sale in Renault Boutique

29/09/2011 Press photo 'L’Atelier Renault prolonge l'ete'

08/06/2011 Copy of road/ beach test in French magazine L'Automobile 267, July/August 1968

08/06/2011 On-line publication of 18 pictures of Germany's most famous plein air

08/06/2011 50th anniversary You tube movie, featuring Sinpar no. 509

31/05/2011 Two pictures from the collection of the French Sinpar Association

20/05/2011 50th anniversary You Tube video, featuring Sinpar no. 434 (again) 

19/05/2011 Press photo from a 1972 German Belinda Stockings ad campaign featuring a plein air

19/05/2011 Article of unknown source about the history of the Plein Air 

12/05/2011 You tube movie featuring Sinpar no. 434

09/03/2011 Article in Japanese Hobidas Magazine Tipo featuring Sinpar no. 350

18/01/2011 Article in Japanese R4 enthusiast club magazine featuring a Japanese Plein Air

10/01/2011 A link to a web page dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the R4, including a Renault H&C press kit

28/12/2010 Pdf copy of Plein Air specific pages of Manual PR 808, 6th edition

17/12/2010 Article German online news service

15/12/2010 Announcement in online Autojournal of 6 Dec. 2010 of Salon Retromobile 2011 featuring Plein Air no. 509

22/11/2010 Publication of 'Generations 4L', a French picture book to celebrate R4's 50th birthday

22/11/2010 Link to and pdf copy of the 14 August 1969 issue of l'Autojournal: road test of Plein-Air, Mehari and Fiat Jungla

12/11/2010 Picture of a 1968 promotional postcard

27/10/2010 Article in German Magazine Oldtimer Markt featuring Sinpar no. 529 NOW IN COLOR

27/10/2010 Publication of a French picture book featuring Plein Air Sinpar no. 509

27/10/2010 Announcement of the 3rd 4L International Meeting at Thenay (41), France to take place on 15, 16 & 17 July 2011 to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Renault 4L

25/10/2010 Picture of the Montreal 'Floralies' site, taken in 1980 featuring a Plein Air

22/09/2010 Picture of the Terre des Hommes Plein Air owned by the City of Montreal

06/09/2010 You tube movie featuring Jane Birkin driving a Plein-Air in Paris

Plein Air on

Mike Gulett's daily post about all sorts of super cars one would like to own, today, Friday 1 Feb. 2013, features the Renault 4 Torpedo Sinpar Plein-Air! Check out

Mike also publishes e-books and paper books on cars on

Article in French 4L Magazine no. 29 about Sinpar no. 232

An interesting article about the restoration of Sinpar Plein Air no. 232, registered in this site's Plein Air Register as # 41!

Also see

Vedettes en Plein Air 1968

Our friend Hanz sends us these yet unknown Plein Air pictures taken from Renault Magazine 1968, no. 67. The pictures feature famous French 'vedettes' like Eddie Constantine, Daniel Gelin and Robert Lamoureux in new Plein Airs! Pictures are taken at the 'Reserve Africaine' in Thoiry (78) France, which had its public opening in 1968.


Sinpar 4 door convertible prototype

This is a picture of the Sinpar 4 door convertible prototype as presented on the 1968 Salon de Paris. The picture shows the same car 45 years later after a full restoration. The car is owned by the DeMeester family, who in the past were in charge of Sinpar.

The second picture shows the car at Salon de Paris in 1968.

Article in Canadian Le Journal de l' Auto, May 2004

Article in Canadian Le Jopurnal del' Auto of May 2004 about the restoration of Plein Air no. 426


1968 plein air promotional movie on You Tube

Courtesy of Boerammetje

1968 plein air promotional movie on You Tube

Courtesy of Boerammetje, the 'Remarkable'

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